At Wider Security, we understand the importance of solving the countries technological and security problems. We use our past military, government, and IT experience of over 50 years to create the WISE solution needed for your business. Additionally, we offer a wide range of solutions to our customers in core areas of:

Cyber Security

Our cybersecurity solutions provide scalable, flexible, but most of all secure services to our countries most important information.

Engineering & Integration

Our systems engineering and integration services allow us to assist you throughout a system’s life cycle.

Information Technology

8570 certified technicians are ready to securely administer DoD IT networks.

A WISE Thought Process

Whether you need cyber security or other IT related solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers. Everything we do has a purpose. We believe that protecting our country on a technological scale is vital to preserving our freedoms and way of life. Securing our nation in all things cyber related. From our nation’s cyberspace down to the use of handheld devices, we will help provide the first line of defense in every aspect of state & government. Privacy and national security permeate everything in what we do, who we are, and what we’re to become.

What You Can Expect

  • We will keep your organization’s networks running smoothly with our understanding of your technology and organizational needs.
  • From the early stages, we will build security into your product, while you worry about engineering it to do what it’s made to.
  • Expert knowledge and experience that will work in your favor.
  • Dedicated professionals who will work consistently on all your needs.

What We Have To Offer

We offer an innovative look into your needs and ensure your systems are secure at all times. Technology is everywhere, and because of this, security measures are essential in protecting our nation’s assets and interests. The world is connected even more digitally than ever before. What was once thought impossible has become very real. Contact us now for a consultation or to discuss your needs!