Information Technology

When it comes to Information technology, it’s necessary to protect your investment with expert installation for new structures and competent administrator support for existing ones. Maximizing your return on all of your technology investments, whether it be administering networks, creating and engineering networks, or maintaining networks, Wider Security has the knowledge and experience you can rely on.

A WISE Methodology

We have a proven methodology that will protect your technology investment and focuses on results. At Wider Security, we bring innovative technologies to your network. Our experts translate your needs and requirements into an enterprise infrastructure that connects your network and people securely. Every network we build will grow with you whether it’s a new or existing structure.

We look into integrating security throughout your whole system, including remote logins, backdoors, denial of service (DoS), and virus protection. Security is a significant concern, all security is integrated for ultimate network and data protection. We build solutions that will screen or exclude threats from outside sources or web pages, social media, and email so it formalizes your organization’s security needs.

Expertise on Every Front

we have a proven methodology to install, configure, deploy, test, and even document the products, systems, and services we provide and use. Our work centers around providing you with adequately managed IT solutions and IT support and services. On top of that, we can assist you with all network solutions to ensure your success in the long-term.

We Can help you with:

  • Assessments
  • Installation and deployment of new systems
  • Testing and configuration of new and existing networks
  • End-use adoption, training and education to ensure your long term success
  • Network security
  • Data security
  • Cloud based solutions

Overall, our experts translate all your needs and turn them into an infrastructure that connects your people, devices, and applications in a secure manner. The network we build or maintain for you will grow with your organization and overcome the many challenges of security, scale, and other digital disruptions.