Engineering & Integration

Let’s Create Something Secure!

The pressures of connecting to today’s technological world require a delicate balance of proactive safeguards and innovative solutions. That’s why at Wider Security, your organization’s security is part of every solution we have to offer. Whether it’s starting from the ground up or working with your current network, we go deep within your organization to assess your needs, unique risks and prioritize all detailed solutions to mitigate these threats so you can respond in real-time.

Some of the solutions we offer:

  • Security Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Cloud Security
  • Information Risk Management and Compliance
  • Threat Modeling and more

Whether it’s a fixed or Tactical Product We Are Here to Help!

As data security is essential to your organization, we design for your current and future needs. We will determine the right mix of copper/fiber cabling to ensure adequate security and network use along with a lower operational cost. At Wider Security, we can help you with all your engineering and security needs. We offer top-notch service and take pride in the work we do.

As part of our security work, making sure you’ve upgraded to a modern and reliable infrastructure is an essential part of increasing your uptime and securing your system. Even though we may live in a “wireless world,” the right cables will promote the backbone of a scalable and secure infrastructure that allows optimum connectivity and secure data transfer. We deliver the latest managed IT solutions and hardware to offer a flexible and end-to-end solution in a fast and secure way.

Built it With Security in Mind

We can help you with our security assessments, which expose any network security weaknesses. Once we discover a weakness, we identify any missing patches or configuration problems and potential vulnerabilities. Once the evaluation is done, we deliver a full technical report and recommend network solutions.

We will assess who and what is connected to your network at all times. Atypical behavior is analyzed, but we do our best to stay ahead of threats by finding and remediating vulnerabilities before any intrusion happens. We are also able to analyze specific data to discover relevant connections across your network. At Wider Security, we provide all the IT support and services you need to secure your network.