State of The Art Cyber Security Services

We Understand The Impact of Security!

At Wider Security, we understand how critical it is that your systems are secure. With today’s technology, security breaches are more of a concern than ever before. Data is stolen at an increasing rate. We understand risk and work to help your organization secure your boundary in the most cost effective manner possible.

Assess & Discover

We start with an assessment of your needs. We must distinguish which assets are the most valuable to you and how we can best protect them. Whether you have no cyber security protocol or currently have a secure system in place, we will work to uncover vulnerabilities and inherent weaknesses. As cyber security experts, we will do everything possible to harden your systems and keep your data safe.

This includes:

  • A thorough plan of action
  • Risk ranked vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing & network vulnerability discovery

Review Your Cyber Risk

Finding these weaknesses in your systems are only valuable if we also explore each point that exists within your boundary. Many attacks focus on exploiting vulnerabilities in unlikely areas, so that attackers may gain access to your sensitive data.

Our review consists of more than the risks posed by your users but also against:

  • Social engineering or organizational behavior
  • Data breaches
  • Denial of Service Attacks (DoS)
  • Tamper or reverse engineering

Risk Management Framework & Program Protection

WISE is very familiar with Risk Management Framework. With RMF we ensure your organization’s information is protected by using the appropriate security controls. Each cyber security review we do will identify how we may protect the data and information that is essential to your organization. Protecting your data is the most critical concern while we develop a security plan for you. Since every organization is different, we will customize a plan to suit your organization’s budget and needs.

This includes:

  • Analyzing how to mitigate and minimize risk
  • Identifying what information and assets are most valuable
  • Evaluating pre-existing controls
  • Identifying future threats and vulnerabilities